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12/3       -Senior Resource Center of Guilford Outreach         10:15am-11:15 

12/4       -Print Works Bistro (AM rOdeO)              7-10pm

12/5       -Private (Grandover Member's Party)         6-8pm

12/6       -Festival of Lights-Downtown Greensboro   6-8pm

12/6       -Pop-up Dance Club @ Print Works Bistro   10-1am 

12/7       -Private (The Club)                                7:30-10:30pm

12/8       -Private (Blizten)                                   1pm-4pm

                         to benefit the Out of the Garden Project 

12/8       -"Light Up A Life" Hospice Palliative Care Service   5pm

12/11      -Print Works Bistro (AM rOdeO)              7-10pm

12/12      -Private (Kneaded Energy Holiday Party)   6-8pm

12/13      -Private (Deuterman Law Holiday Party)     7-11pm

12/14      -Running of the Balls (Sunset Hills)           6-8pm

12/15      -Raylen Vineyards Holiday Open House   1-4pm

12/16      -Private (Greensboro Jaycee's Old Timers)  6:30-9:30pm

12/18      -Print Works Bistro (AM rOdeO)              7-10pm

12/19      -Private (Assurance Group)                     8am-10am

12/19      -Private (vTv Therapeutics)                      6:30-9:30pm

12/20      -Private (Nosek Family)                          7-10pm 

12/22      -Private (Orrell Family Soup Party)            6-10pm

12/27      -Grandover Resort's 1808 Lobby Bar        7-10pm

12/28      -Private (Southern Roots Jamestown, NC)    6-10pm

12/31      -O.Henry Lobby Jazz (NYE Early Show)     5:30-8:30pm

12/31      -Print Works Bistro Countdown to 2020     10pm-1am